Psychiatry and The Arts Seminars (for Psychiatry residents only)

Have you ever wondered how to use a short story in your work with a psychotherapy patient? Have you ever asked yourself what happens in an art therapy session? Have you ever thought acting classes might help with your being more present with your patients? If so this seminar on the link between the arts and psychiatry is for you. This seminar explores the relationship between the arts and psychiatry and includes hands-on experience in various art forms: reading literature, attending plays , discussing films and much more.

The learning objectives are:
1)      A general overview of how the arts and medicine (and psychiatry in particular) are linked.
2)      An exploration of how the arts can inform your clinical practice.
3)      Demonstrations of how the arts can help you challenge personal biases and assumptions and increase your understanding of patients.
4)      Discussions on how the arts can improve your reflective capacity, critical thinking and personal wellbeing.

The seminar is open to ALL psychiatry residents and fellows although space is limited so enroll early for this series of seminars!

The seminar takes place approximately once every six weeks on a Wednesday evenings for 2 to 3 hours, in an informal setting.

The dates, locations and registration info for 2015-16 will be posted in September at and at psychnews.

A series of topics will be suggested but suggestions from participants are always welcome!

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