Poet in Residence Program

The Poet in Residence program at Sinai Health System offers staff, clinicians, patients and visitors opportunities to reflect on their experiences through poetry events and workshops.


As Poet in Residence, Ronna Bloom designs and delivers programs to meet the needs of health care professionals, employees and teams. She works closely with The Healthy Workplace Program, the Program In Health, Arts and Humanities, and the Department of Psychiatry.

Ronna’s Rx for Poetry booth travels to different parts of the hospital where she prescribes poems for people for what ails them. The program was created in 2012 with the support of an Artists in Workplace/Artists in the Community grant by the Ontario Arts Council.

For information contact: healthyworkplace.MSH@sinaihealthsystem.ca or visit http://www.sinaihealthsystem.ca/staff/

Learning goals for All:

  1. Learn five rules for writing that can be used to reflect on one’s work, relationships and life
  2. Engage directly with the power of poetry through one or more practices: listening, writing, receiving
  3. To make reflective writing an accessible practice for self care

For Staff:

  1. Experience a kind of writing that allows the practitioner to reflect on their work with more space and to see and respond to their patients with their whole humanity
  2. Increase awareness of the impact of the professional on the personal and the personal on the professional