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Ars Medica
Vol 12, No 1 (2017)
Table of Contents

Feature Pieces
Albrecht Dürer’s Praying Hands: The Hand Is Art
– Brandon A Haghverdian, David A Daar

Mortal Selfies
– Diana Meredith

A Case for Patient Ownership
– Geoffrey Shouse, Steven Hardin

Naming Not Blaming: A Story about a Surgery Gone Wrong
-Cammy Lee

Eating, Sleeping, Playing
– John Vurro

– Jami Driedger Neufeld

Charm / Willa
– Sarah Shirley

An Emergency Doctor’s Silent Prayer
– Samina Ali

the poem / fever / axial section through putamen with vessal territories
– Elizabeth Morton

The Snowflake Heart / Hershey Children’s Hospital / Night Stand
– Larry Kuhar

Dramacare / Triaging Your Life / Bottom Line
– Virginia Aronson

Consent to Orchidectomy
– P. W. Bridgman

The Psychobiology of Feeling
– Schneider K. Rancy

Speck of White
– Tharshika Thangarasa
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