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Ars Medica
Vol 13, No 1 (2018): New Dress Against Disease
Table of Contents

The Sur/Real of Dis/Order
Allison Crawford

Feature Pieces
Gnarly Hearts
Martin Edward Springett

The Mind Sees Many
Brandon Michael Muncan

Farinata After the Flood
Garry Thomas Morse

Gordon Sun

Herbert Saffir, Measurer of Hurricanes
Mary Hutchings Reed

More than skin deep
Saher Shaikh

On Sleeping In
Julie Hein

Long Life!
Ann Starr

The First Shadows of Dementia
Alan Steinberg

The Come from Away / Stitching Simon Strugnell / Eighth Day / Sounding / The Men Who Dug
Lois Leveen

South Granville, Saturday Evening / In the Year of the Rooster / Hiking in the Forest / Father Knows Why / To Be Continued: A Portrait of a Poet Getting Newly Old
Changming Yuan

Crow / Francis Bacon’s / The Blind Birdwatcher / Don’t Bend Over / Dornen / Fun and Games / What’s Left / Bindi / The Second Coming  / Intimates
Crystal Hope Hurdle

Blue Johnnies
Jennifer Markell

Transplant Surgery
Rebekka DePew

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