The Fifth Annual Calgary Health Humanities Symposium 2018

Announcing The Fifth Annual Calgary Health Humanities Symposium 2018 

October 18 & 19, 2018

Keynote speaker: Michael J. Green on Graphic Medicine

Faculty and learners from all disciplines with an interest in healthcare are invited to submit an abstract for an oral or a poster presentation on a topic related to the theme of the symposium: Art and Medicine: Friends, Enemies or Distractors. You are encouraged to present material that offers compelling descriptions and critical analysis of applications of any humanities-based understanding, skill development, evaluation or research across the continuum of healthcare practice.

Possible topics include: How might the arts and humanities help us create better health care providers? Can expertise in visual arts and creative writing enhance the clinical observation skills of clinicians? What is the place for art in clinical education? Do the arts or humanities offer understanding or skills to enhance the professional’s experience of care and protect them from burnout ?

Call for abstracts, submission and registration forms are now posted on the website: