Health Narratives Research Group at Mount Sinai

The Health Narratives Research Group (HeNReG) Meetings

Every Wednesday from October 3, 2018 – April 24, 2019, Room 920 (9th floor) Mount Sinai Hospital


The Health Narratives Research Group (HeNReG) allows researchers the opportunity to take the personally relevant stories that initiated their commitment to health care and develop them into narratives with a particular point of view. The process includes both personal reflection and the willingness to share one’s story and gain additional insights from the rest of the group.

The HeNReG is a voluntary, non-credit group open to any member of the university community interested in health care. Diversity of membership is both supported and encouraged. We encourage participants to develop their narrative into a piece for publication in either written (e.g. memoir, poem) or alternative format (e.g. graphic novelization). Completed narratives may be submitted to ARS MEDICA or posted on the group’s site.

The HeNReG is facilitated by philosopher of education Dr. Carol Nash, who as Scholar in Residence in the History of Medicine has created this process for developing narrative in collaboration with Professor Edward Shorter, the Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine. The group is supported by the Health Arts and Humanities Program directed by Dr. Allan Peterkin at the Mount Sinai Hospital.

The HeNReG meets weekly on Wednesdays between the first week in October and the last week in April. Participants can join anytime by contacting Dr. Nash at There is a natural break at the end of the calendar year and new members often join in January.