TEAM NARRATIVE is a collective of educators across clinical and humanities disciplines at the University of Toronto who offer lectures and workshops on the role of working with stories in learning and health-related encounters.

The goal of this teaching is to improve reflective capacity, narrative competence, visual literacy and critical thinking, while emphasizing learner resilience and self-care.

TEAM NARRATIVE is a collaboration between the Health, Arts & Humanities Program and the MSPI (Mount Sinai Psychotherapy Institute). Sessions are available for learners from all disciplines and levels of training.


Allan Peterkin MD – TEAM NARRATIVE Leader

Mary Beattie PhD
Susan Belanger MLS
Suze Berkhout MD
Ronna Bloom MEd
Monica Branigan MD
Allison Crawford MD
Bill Gayner MSW
Karen Gold PhD, RSW
Julie Hann OT
Afarin Hosseini MD
Hartley Jafine MA
Rex Kay MD
Louise Kinross
Elysse Leonard MA
Dawn Lim MD
Sue Macrae RN, MEd
Nancy McNaughton PhD
Jessica Munro NP
Carol Nash PhD
Shane Neilson MD, PHD
LJ Nelles MFA
Aaron Orkin MD, MPH
Nick Pimlott MD
Jeremy Rezmovitz MD
Michael Roberts MD
Ron Ruskin MD
Tilda Shalof RN
Miriam Shuchman MD
Anne Simmonds RN, PhD
Eva-Marie Stern MA
Damian Tarnopolsky PhD
Paul Uy MD
Shelley Wall PhD
Dan Yashinsky

Introductory Lectures:

These can be scheduled as 45-minute talks with discussion time, or 1.5-to-3-hour workshops:

1)         A Humanities Toolkit Rounds (discussion of an image, poem, or film clip)

2)        An Introduction to Narrative-Based Medicine (close reading of a short story/poem and a reflective writing exercise)

Seminar Packages of three or more sessions:

3)         Visual Narrative (working with images and non-verbal cues)

4)         The Reflecting Poem: a writing workshop

5)         Ten Tips For Incorporating Narrative Competence Into A Busy Practice

6)          Narrative Medicine Workshop, Part Two: Deepening the Discussion

7)         Therapeutic Writing (using narrative with patients)

8)          Narrative As Advocacy/Disability Studies

9)          Narrative and Spirituality

10)       Situation Critical: Narratives of the ER and ICU

11)       Narrative In Palliative Care

12)       Narrative and Ageing

13)       The Patient Speaks (given by a person living with a chronic illness)

14)       Stories Matter: Narrative-based Ethics: Looking At Difficult Stories

15)       Narrative and Mindful Presence

16)       Stories and The Body: A Theater-Based Workshop on Physical Presence

17)       Using film clips to teach about the doctor-patient relationship and patient advocacy

18)       Using Narrative with Patient Self-Help Groups

19)       An Introduction to Graphic Medicine

20)       Narrative and Medical Error

21)       When Stories Collide: Narrative, Personal Values and Moral Distress

22)       Narratives From The News: Examining Media Representations of Medicine

23)       Approaches to Oral History

24)       Narratives of Loss and Trauma

25)       Finding A Research Topic Through Personal Narrative

26)       Narrative and Interprofessional Education/Team-Building

27)        Improv Theatre

28)        An Introduction to Narrative-based Balint Groups

29)        Narrative Research Methodologies

30)       “Troubling” Stories: Pitfalls, Risks and Ethical Quandaries with Narratives

31)        Rhetoric and Representation-Using Close Readings for Critical Analysis

32)       Storytelling Through Photography: Finding Connection in Medicine


Faculty Development In Close Reading of an Image and Text, Reflective Writing Techniques, Close Listening and Evaluation of Student Reflective Writing

Qualitative Research in Narrative Medicine

Supervision of an Ongoing Reflective Writing Group (for clinicians, teachers or patient groups)

Consultation on reflective portfolio course creation/implementation/evaluation at the undergrad/inter-professional/postgrad/CME level

Working With Difficult Stories: A Balint Group (6-8 sessions)

A Weekend Digital Storytelling Workshop For Students or Patients

To arrange these sessions and to discuss fees please contact:


MSPI Workshops in Therapeutic Writing With Patients/Narrative Competence Psychotherapy – this 2-Day Workshop is offered every 2 years

MSPI Certificate in Narrative-based Care (CPD) – next session June 2020