Palette Magazine: Call for Submissions

Dear U of T Medicine learners and faculty members,

Annie Yu and Sarah Ge, from the Class of 2T2, are launching Palette Magazine as U of T Medicine’s first student Arts & Culture print magazine – an initiative they’ve been working on to incorporate the arts and humanities into medicine. Featuring works across visual arts, creative writing, performance arts and lifestyle design, Palette Magazine is envisioned to be a platform that celebrates creative authenticity and unites diverse interests within our medical community.

Palette Magazine is excited to be calling for submissions for their very first issue, which will be printed and distributed in the spring, to coincide with the  Synesthesia art show. The deadline is February 15th, 2019 at 11:59pm. Submissions can be emailed to All submissions will be entered into a draw for 3 Starbucks gift card ($15 each)!

If you are interested in the arts and would you like to see your drawings, creative writing, photography, descriptions of your performances or any element of your student life featured in a print magazine, please see below for submission guidelines and sample layouts. All submitted works are truly appreciated!

Submission guidelines:

Sample layouts: