CAHH New Student/Resident Prize

Canadian Association for Health Humanities’ Peterkin Brett-MacLean Prize

The Peterkin Brett-MacLean Prize honours the contributions of Drs. Allan Peterkin (University of Toronto) and Pamela Brett-MacLean (University of Alberta) as founders of the annual “Creating Space” meeting, started in 2010. Creating Space was instrumental in promoting a strong health humanities culture across Canada and, in 2018, led to the founding of the Canadian Association for Health Humanities (CAHH).


The Prize is made possible by an anonymous donor and will be reviewed/renewed after 5 years.

This Prize will be presented annually by the CAHH to a student (undergraduate, or graduate), or resident or fellow whose oral presentation/paper, poster, performance, installation, or other contribution presented at Creating Space is judged to be outstanding.

The Prize recipient(s) will be awarded $500 (to be shared among co-contributors, if applicable). The Prize recipient(s) will be recognized at the CAHH meeting, and acknowledged on the CAHH website and in e-communiques.


  • The abstract for the oral presentation/paper, poster, performance, installation or other contribution must be accepted, and subsequently presented at Creating Space,
  • The primary submitter must be a CAHH member,
  • The primary submitter must also be a registered student (undergraduate, or graduate), resident or fellow at the time the accepted contributed is presented (a copy of the student card, or other evidence of learner status must be provided to meet this requirement),
  • Submissions that are co-written or co-developed with other learners are eligible,
  • Students/residents/fellows who are also a faculty member will be considered students for the purposes of this prize,
  • Submissions co-written/developed with a faculty member are eligible provided the submission is presented by a student/resident,
  • Submissions will only be considered if the primary submitter has NOT previously received the award in the past two years, and
  • Members of the CAHH Executive Committee will not eligible for this Prize during the term of their office.
    The appointment of adjudicators will be at the discretion of CAHH Executive Committee. Members of the adjudicating committee who have a special relationship with any author (e.g., if they are a relative, colleague, co-author, etc.) shall decline to evaluate submissions.

    This Prize is designed to encourage learner’s scholarly efforts and to honour one significant contribution to the field of health humanities. At the discretion of the judges, criteria for assessing contributions may include originality, academic rigour, clarity in presentation, and overall excellence.