CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Graphic Medicine Anthology

Graphic Truths: The Making (and Unmaking) of a Doctor

An anthology of comics, edited by Shelley L. Wall, PhD, Josh Feder, MD, Jillian Horton, MD, and Allan Peterkin, MD.

Are you in pre-med studiesmedical school, or medical residency anywhere in the world? Are you a medical doctor with vivid recollections of your past medical training?

Have you witnessed the medical training process as a family member or as another healthcare professional? We are seeking comics about your current and/or past experiences for an anthology.

The arts provide a powerful means to represent the intense and complex process of becoming a doctor. The medium of comics, with its combination of image and text and its rich vocabulary of narrative conventions, offers a fresh means to convey the nuances of communication within the clinical context. Until now, no anthology of comics has captured the experience of medical trainees across the arc of their journey, from applicant to fully-fledged physician. The volume we are proposing, tentatively entitled Graphic Truths: The Making (and Unmaking) of a Doctor, will reflect the breadth, as well as the heights and depths, of medical training across countries and across specialties. This anthology will provide a channel for medical trainees and those close to them to share their stories, and give the wider public a meaningful and accessible glimpse “behind the scenes” of medical training and practice.

No art experience necessary! 

Images can be simple. What we’re interested in are your stories, told with image and text. Submissions can be single panels, or stories told in a sequence of panels.

Deadline: May 31, 2019

For more information, including suggested themes, technical specifications, and submissions instructions, please visit