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Ars Medica
Vol 14, No 2 (2019)
Table of Contents

Guest Editorial
Being Seen, Being Heard: Health, Arts, and the Unspeakable in Lived
        Suze Berkhout,  Eva-Marie Stern

Feature Pieces
Prose in Views
        Moncef Mounir
Prose Chaos to Oneness
        Sara Traore
        katelynn valenzuela

Have You Heard of MS?
        Krystin Kantenwein
Making Plans
        Gabriella Savarese

Like the Ancient Magicians
        Kay Cosgrove
for Galen
        Adriano Mollica
My Cross-Legged Monk
        Jane Schapiro
Parkinson’s/What I Miss Most About Dying/These Final Things
        Brian Volck
Come Down / When I Wake Up
        Amy Conwell
Doesn’t Work Like It Used to
        Casey Aimer
        Sophia Wilson

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