CINEMA MEDICA Workshop: Another Way of Seeing — How to Read & Discuss Film

Workshop: A New Way of Seeing — How to Read & Discuss Film

Saturday, December 7th, 2-4 pm

Mount Sinai Hospital, Room 939

Film and television are powerful media for storytelling, making use of a wide range of expressive tools to convey meaning and to evoke emotional responses. This workshop will offer a practical introduction on how to engage more deeply with film in both individual and group settings. Through a series of interactive exercises and guided viewing, learn strategies and descriptive language for performing a close reading of a film—examining aspects of form and narrative—and leading, or participating in, group discussions about film.

Facilitator bio:

Elysse Leonard is a film educator and programmer who works at the intersections between film, mental health, and community engagement. With a background in Psychology and Cinema Studies, she is passionate about creating inclusive, interdisciplinary spaces for folks to connect, learn, and express themselves through film. Elysse is the film education lead for the Health, Arts & Humanities programme. She also oversees TIFF’s Mental Health Outreach programme, which brings film screenings and film-craft workshops to mental health programs across Toronto.

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