Exciting Narrative Medicine course at the CFD

Please note this exciting Narrative Medicine course at the CFD:

Narrative Medicine: Reading, Writing, and Reflecting in Clinical Practice, Teaching, and Self-Care is for healthcare practitioners looking to inform their professional practice with narrative approaches to health and medicine.

Other CFD Programs of interest are described below :

CFD Programs open for registration and application starting January 2020!

The Centre for Faculty Development (CFD) is a partnership between the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto.

CFD is committed to supporting health care professionals evolve and grow in their Faculty roles.

The following programs may be of interest in helping you develop as a teacher, educator, academic leader, scholar, and advocate. Please see attached PDF for program details.

–          Stepping Stones: A Foundational Faculty Development Program provides support to health professionals in their multiple roles as teachers, educators, academic leaders, scholars, and advocates.

–          Education Scholars Program (ESP) is a longitudinal leadership development program for health professional educators that fosters academic excellence, creativity, and scholarly productivity in education.

–          Teaching for Transformation: Summer Education Institute (SEI) is a 3-day faculty development program for individuals iinterested in preparing health professions learners for the humanistic, social-relational aspects of health care practice and are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion (e.g. collaboration and advocacy).

—          New and Evolving Academic Leaders (NEAL) Program aims to foster productive, visionary, and collaborative academic leaders in the Academic Health Science Network.

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