CFD Narrative Medicine Course-some spots remain


Narrative Medicine: Reading, Writing, and Reflecting in Clinical Practice, Teaching, and Self-Care – open for registration!


Narrative medicine, both in medical practice and education, is practiced with a focus on the skills of communication and collaboration which are essential to positive health outcomes. Learning how to write and reflect more expertly gives practitioners a powerful skill with which to build therapeutic and collegial relationships, improve patient outcomes, and live and work in a more reflective and engaged way. This program is designed for healthcare practitioners looking to inform their professional practice with narrative approaches to health and medicine, and those seeking to explore creative and reflective writing for their own sake.

This program will introduce the theory and practice of Narrative Medicine through a variety of practical activities and discussion. Participants will be guided through in-class exercises in close reading, close listening, and creative and reflective writing.

This new program consists of seven 2.5-hour sessions and will require in-between-session homework and reading.

Registration is now open! There is an associated registration fee of $700. A maximum of 17 participants will be accepted into the program on a first come-first serve basis.

Download: [Narrative Medicine program info – Spring 2020]

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