Three online poetry sessions for healthcare workers and students – OK to drop in 🗓

Message from RONNA BLOOM-Poet In Residence For the Program In Health, Arts and Humanities:

Dear friends,

I write this note to you, wishing you well where you are, and with two things to share.

As Italy begins to step outside, I offer a new piece of writing, Venice Journals, published online this week by Ice Floe Press. It’s an excerpt of a manuscript in progress with poems and photographs from many visits. Sent with love for that wondrous city. May they/we emerge in health.

Starting today, I am doing a series of 3 poetry sessions:  The Poetry Crash Cart — Loving and Working During Covid-19 — for Health Care Workers and Students. This is a low pressure event — meant to be a rest — with poetry. I will introduce poetry that has been used in hospitals, and is being shared now widely online and will read poems that speak to different moments and needs. Then we’ll write. There are a few spots left. If you’re interested in joining something like this and you’re not in health care, please let me know.

Sending energy out in your direction.


Venice Journals: poems and photographs

One tiny poem written as the pandemic began, “Dear Heart.” For anyone who needs it. xo

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