A New Virtual Narrative Medicine Space at U Toronto – Open To All 🗓

Dear Colleagues,
Mixed-Media & Medicine (MMM) – A  New Virtual Narrative Medicine Space Open To All  
Narrative Medicine and Arts-based Curricula are  staples of Undergraduate Studies in Medicine and increasingly in Residency and beyond, here at the University of Toronto.
The opportunities afforded for engagement, reflection and social connection enrich and encourage trainees and faculty to learn in transformative ways. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed many burdens on both learners and practitioners. However, it has also presented us with an opportunity to explore new connections both virtual and visual. 
Mixed-Media & Medicine  (MMM) offers a novel discussion space for group learning, reflection and new modes of presentation that are open to all medical learners – student, faculty & staff alike. From our own UofT literary journal ARS MEDICA (https://ars-medica.ca/index.php/journal) to Zine Archives in Graphic Medicine (https://www.graphicmedicine.org/comic-type/zine/and everything in between (Poetry, Comics, YOUTUBES, Monologues, Short Short Stories you name it), we are excited to provide a safe space for participants to discuss short(ish) representations that address spirit, wellness, resilience , consciousness, and reflection.  This is an inclusive environment to which ALL are welcomed and equally valued. Please spread the word amongst all people medical – students, faculty, colleagues, tutors, professors, residents, fellows, undergrads, postgrads.
Come one come all !
Join us for the Mixed Media in Medicine (MMM) get-together second Tuesday of the month (beginning November 10th 2020) from 6 pm until 7.
In preparation for this first meeting, please feel free to submit ideas & suggested texts  for this and future meetings to the organizers at :
 (please place MMM in the subject tab)
Dr. Conor Mc Donnell, Staff Anesthesiologist 
Associate Professor, University of Toronto
PeriOperative Services Associate Chief for Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Patient Safety & Quality Program Director
Hospital Patient Safety Physician & Medication Safety Physician Lead, The Hospital for Sick Children
Scheduled Event Narrative Visual Arts