Writing Your Way Out of a Paper Bag – A Workshop for Health Care Professionals 🗓

Writing Your Way Out of a Paper Bag

A Writing Workshop for Health Care Professionals Who Are Feeling Stuck or Blocked in Any Aspect of Their Lives

Often in life and in work we get stuck and aren’t sure how to move forward. This workshop uses writing to target stuck places and help unstick them. It offers a creative way to explore challenges and perhaps show the possibility of new directions. A brief talk will be given on blocks and the tactics we use to avoid or deal with situations. Participants are then guided through three reflective writing exercises. (This is done in a creative, non-didactic way and it doesn’t promise to solve anything! It’s meant to be fun.) No experience necessary.


  1. To learn five rules for writing that can be used as part of a commitment to personal health and renewal through creativity and awareness.
  2. To use poetry and writing as a tools for understanding and expressing challenges at work and in life
  3. To explore writing as a practice of self-care

Time and Place:

Wednesday September 29, 2021
On Zoom.

The workshop is open to residents, physicians, nurses, medical students, therapists and other health care practitioners. Sponsored by the Temerity Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto

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Ronna Bloom is a poet and teacher. Her most recent book, The More, was published by Pedlar Press in 2017 and long listed for the City of Toronto Book Award. Her poems have been recorded by the CNIB and translated into Spanish, Bangla, and Chinese. She has collaborated with health care professionals, filmmakers, academics, students, spiritual leaders, and architects. A frequent guest in the faculties of Nursing, Medicine, Public Health, as well at teaching hospitals, she brings 25 years of psychotherapy practice to her work as a poet and facilitator.

Ronna developed the first Poet in Residence program at Sinai Health which ran from 2012-2019. She is currently Poet in Community to the University of Toronto and Poet in Residence in the Health, Arts and Humanities Programme. Her “Spontaneous Poetry Booth” and “RX for Poetry” have been featured in hospitals and fundraisers in Canada and abroad. A chapbook of Ronna’s new poems, Who is your mercy contact? will be published by Espresso-Chapbooks early 2022.

Ronna Bloom, M.ED
Poet in Residence, HAH, University of Toronto
Poet in Community, University of Toronto

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