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For Residents and Fellows at the University of Toronto – SPOTS ARE LIMITED REGISTER NOW !


Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Wellness Training

Rodelyn Wisco, MSW, RSW

Format:                                              Biweekly online sessions

Target Audience:                               Post-MD, Residents and Fellows, U of T

Dates:                                                Mar 28, Apr 11, and Apr 25, 2022

Times:                                                Monday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Number of sessions:                          3

Length of sessions:                            2 hours

Maximum number of participants:     10 (Spots offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure you can commit to ALL 3 sessions before registering)


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Emotion-Focused Mindfulness (EFM) wellness training cultivates gentle curiosity and self-compassion to better navigate issues and core concerns and develop more genuine ways of relating to oneself, others, and the world. Sessions include talks, meditation, journaling, and sharing, reflecting on and exploring meditation experience. Participation involves a willingness to share one’s own difficult emotions and thoughts with colleagues in a safe group setting.

In EFM, the facilitator introduces and models for participants how to create a safe space for inner work by cultivating self-compassionate awareness. Emotional processing is facilitated by orienting people to attend to their bodies to become aware of, allow, experience, accept, and transform their emotional experience, both in meditation, and afterwards in further exploration with the facilitator. Emotional processing is a combination of attending inwardly to and reflecting on one’s bodily-felt experience and emotions, to address and resolve inner conflicts and core issues, and better navigate life situations. After meditation, participants journal what they recall happened in meditation to better acknowledge and deepen their emotional experience. In addition, participants take turns describing their meditation experience, with the facilitator listening to their whole meditation narrative and then responding to whatever seems most alive and poignant in the moment, and empathically exploring this with them.

Learning goals:                                            

  • Develop a more genuine relationship with self and others, deepening therapeutic presence with patients
  • Cultivate compassion, empathy and responsiveness toward your own and others’ experience
  • Learn calming, grounding and self-soothing techniques
  • Develop own meditation practice at home
  • Integrate empirically-based Emotion-Focused Therapy experiential and emotional processing into meditation and life

Rodelyn Wisco, MSW, RSW, is a Mindfulness and Wellness Clinical Educator for the Health Arts and Humanities Program, University of Toronto.  She works closely with Bill Gayner, MSW, RSW, the developer of Emotion-Focused Mindfulness Therapy (EFMT), was the Principal Investigator for a study determining the feasibility of EFMT with people living with anxiety and depression, and has presented locally and internationally on EFMT.  Rodelyn supports health care professionals with the development of their mindfulness practices and has cultivated her meditation practice for close to thirty years.

Rodelyn is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, in private practice who provides individual Emotion-Focused Therapy and EFMT, Emotion-Focused Family therapy, and EFMT professional training. For 20 years, she worked in multiple health care settings, including family medicine, ambulatory psychiatry, and children’s mental health to support the mental health of children, families, and adults.  She also trained family medicine and psychiatric residents for 10 years first at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and then at Mount Sinai Hospital in communication skills, counselling skills, and behavioural strategies.

Rodelyn Wisco, MSW, RSW

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