Ars Medica: Our Program’s Journal

In 2005, Ars Medica: A Journal of Medicine, the Arts and Humanities was founded within our Department. Published twice per year, the journal is the only publication of its kind in Canada, and has developed an international readership.  Ars Medica has received two Canadian Council for the Arts awards and pledged funding from the Munk Centre for International Studies. It was recently welcomed into the stable of impressive journals published by the University of Toronto Press. In addition, the editors of Ars Medica have been invited to collaborate with the prestigious Humber School for Writers to offer yearly workshops at Humber College. “Writing about Healing” has been attended by writers within the health professions but also by patients and others who wished to reflect on and write about healthcare and healing. The journal’s strong emphasis on inclusiveness has increased the dialogue between healthcare professionals and those they serve. An anthology of pieces from the last five years will be released by the University of Troonto Press  in July 2011, called “BODY AND SOUL: Selections From Ars Medica”