Creating Space 11: The Edit. Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts for Canada’s Annual Health Humanities Meeting – CREATING SPACE

Dear Colleagues,

The Creating Space 11 Conference Planning Committee, based in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador, is pleased to announce the call for abstracts.  Please see attached for details.

Call for abstracts Creating Space 11 – English

Tom Rosenal



New Seminar – Multi Media in Medicine – January 19 🗓


January 19, 2021 at 6pm

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Health & Humanities; Interactive Discussion; Close listening to presentations; Reflective Thought & Writing Prompts

Reading The Plague Part Three – January 10 🗓

Reading The Plague Part Three – Next Session this Sunday January 10 at 4pm

Dear all,
The Plague Plays  Reading Group resumes this Sunday.
I’m looking forward to our exploration of Parts 3 & 4 of the Plague!
Please don’t worry if you aren’t able to complete the assigned reading as we will read the script version together for part of the time and this provides rich material for discussion whether you’ve read the novel sections or not.
I’ve attached a LRB review of the Plague and its contemporary significance. [Jacqueline Rose · Pointing the Finger_ ‘The Plague’ · LRB 7 May 2020]
We’ve delved into the characters of Tarrou and Rieux in previous discussions. This week I would love to focus on an often neglected character – Cottard – the ‘criminal’. Cottard is described as a man who eschews all responsibility to fight the plague. Tarrou goes so far as to call him an “accomplice” of the plague.
Considering the plague literally, or as a metaphor as Camus described it, for fascism, what do you think of the way in which Cottard profits from the plague, seems at ease within it.
I think it may also be interesting to consider the regime of rules that arise to combat the plague and our own relationships of cooperation, conformity, and both the rules and the plague.
Looking forward to connecting on Sunday over Camus.
Suvendrini Lena
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1. Camus, The Plague. Stuart Gilbert Trans. Vintage International Edition.  
2. Neil Bartlett, The Plague adaptation for the stage. Oberon Books London 2017 (email Dr Lena for a copy)
You should obtain your own copy of Camus’s The Plague. I will distribute the script for reading together prior to the first session.
Suggested Pre-reading:
Nov 29 – Part 1 pp 1-65
Dec 13 – Part 2 pp 65-165
Jan 10 – Part 3 & 4 pp 165-267
Jan 24 – Part 5 pp 267-308
If you have any questions please email to me at
Suvendrini Lena MD MPH,FRCPC, CSCN (EEG).
Assistant Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry University of Toronto
Staff Neurologist Geriatric Mental Health Program
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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