narrative medicine/writing

  • Be Good to Yourself, Whoever You Are: A Writing Workshop for Medical Students, Doctors, Residents and Health Professionals 🗓
    Often in work, and in life, energy moves towards projects and people but there’s little left for your own restoration, especially for those working in health care. In this workshop, through the use of poems and prompts, you will be nudged into writing and reflecting on what sustains you, what you love and what you need. […]
  • UTMJ Vol98 Issue I: COVID-19
    The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the lives of millions around the world. In this issue, UTMJ invited national and international leaders to reflect on on-going challenges and lessons learned during the world’s response and journey during this pandemic. […]
  • Reading The Plague Part Three – January 10 🗓
    The Plague Plays  Reading Group resumes this Sunday. I'm looking forward to our exploration of Parts 3 & 4 of the Plague! […]
  • Plums in the Icebox
    Plums in the Icebox is an ongoing creative writing workshop for health practitioners. Each month we meet via Zoom in a small group to share work, do some writing, give some feedback and -most of all- reconnect with our writing and reading. In between meetings we do more of the same via chat. […]
  • Postcards from the Edge: Addressing Compassion/Covid Fatigue in Note Form 🗓
    A Reflective Writing Session for Medical Students, Residents, Physicians and Other Health Professionals […]
    Rady Faculty of Health Sciences  (University of Manitoba) and Temerty Faculty of Medicine (University of Toronto) present :  ‘Poetry and a Medical Life’ – A Reading and Conversation with Conor Mc Donnell, MD and Bahar Orang, MD  […]
    If you are looking for a place to put your thoughts about the life we are living in medicine now join me for an informal reader’s theatre, called Plague Plays. […]
  • New Seminar – Mixed-Media in Medicine (MMM) 🗓
    At the University of Toronto, Narrative Medicine and Arts-based Curricula are staples of Undergraduate Studies in Medicine and increasingly through Residency and beyond. […]
  • Awake at Work 🗓
    Writing into Presence for Medical Students, Physicians and Other Health Care Professionals. In this session, use writing to explore how simply showing up and attending to your own experience is the starting point for attending to others. […]
  • HeNReG 2020-21 Virtual meetings starting in October
    The Health Narratives Research Group (HeNReG) allows researchers the opportunity to take the personally relevant stories that initiated their commitment to health care and develop them into narratives with a particular point of view. […]