• Health Humanities event: the poetry of psychosis 🗓
    The Poetics of Psychosis: Join us with poet Khashayar Mohammadi, drawing on his experiences with psychosis, and poet-physician Bahar Orang, drawing on her psychiatry training, for an integrated discussion on poetry and medicine as they relate to medical cultures and discourses of psychosis. […]
    Arts-based research (ABR) is the use of artistic practice, such as theatre or photography, as a means to collect, analyze, and communicate research (Leavy, 2015). […]
  • Art is Patient: exploring visual arts + relationships in health care 🗓
    The course introduces learners to a series of fresh steps to see art objects. Through facilitated looking, talking and mark-making, it offers an enlightening way of meeting and understanding the people we work with. […]
  • Health Humanities POETRY event with Hsien Seow and Shazia Hafiz Ramji 🗓
    The Canadian Association for Health Humanities and the League of Canadian Poets are partnering to deliver a series of monthly rounds focused on health, arts and humanities. These live sessions will feature both artists and professionals in the Health Humanities field for a multi-faceted conversation about topics related to healthcare, art, healing, and humanities. […]
  • Sinai Health – Psychiatry Grand Round June 25, 2021 🗓
    Sinai Health - Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Buddhist & Western psychological models of the self and their uses in psychotherapy. […]
  • History of Medicine Event – June 17 (Toronto Western Hospital) 🗓
    I’m excited to announce an upcoming history of medicine event, organized by the Health History Interest Group in collaboration with the Art of Medicine program within the HoPingKong Centre, UHN. […]
  • Temerty Medicine Talks – June 18, 2021 🗓
    After more than a year of adjusting to life during a pandemic, it can often feel like our individual and collective anxiety levels are spinning out of control. Yet, is worry always harmful? […]
  • Race, Medicine and Healthcare: Indian Hospitals in 20th Century Canada 🗓
    As Canada embarked on national healthcare programs such as Medicare it also maintained a system of racially segregated hospitals for Indigenous people.  Poorly funded and badly managed, ‘Indian hospitals’ isolated Indigenous people from modern care.  This history exposes some of the twentieth-century roots of racism in healthcare. […]
  • Physician Wellness Forum TODAY with Dr. Molyn Leszcz: PHYSICIAN AND EMOTIONAL WELLBEING: COVID AND BEYOND 🗓
    Physician Wellness Forum, a forum for exploration of topics that impact physician engagement, wellness and excellence. Principles to guide self-care and guide leadership in support of our colleagues and their provision of patient care during these challenging times […]
  • Arts-Based Research with Hartley Jafine 🗓
    Join us to learn how you can share your research through artistic methods. Arts-based research is the use of artistic practices (theatre, photography, poetry, etc.) to collect, analyze, and communicate research (Leavy, 2015). […]