Arts as Research is a series of 2 sessions (1 Fall, 1 Winter) exploring arts-based research methodologies and their value in healthcare. […]
  • Health Narratives Research Process (HeNReP)
    The Heath Narratives Research Process (HeNReP) is a free, non-credit, open-discipline, non-hierarchical process that has been offered in association with the Health, Arts and Humanities Program of the Department of Psychiatry in the University of Toronto since 2015 as the Health Narratives Research Group (HeNReG) from the first week in October to the last week in April. […]
  • Fall Term 2022: ART IS PATIENT at the AGO 🗓
    People are complicated. Art is difficult. They’re both challenging: often opaque and multi-layered and hard to read. People and artworks might show up with their labels front-and-centre, but what do labels really tell us? […]
  • Health and HumanitiesApril 6, 2022 – Mentoring and Editing in Poetry 🗓
    Mentoring and Editing in Poetry: An Hour of Reading and Conversation between Tolu Oloruntoba and Jim Johnstone  […]
  • Health and HumanitiesComics for science translation lecture Tuesday Feb 22nd 🗓
    Interested in how to expand the impact of your scientific findings to a larger audience? Wondering how to communicate your research to policymakers, patients, and beyond? […]
  • Health Humanities event: the poetry of psychosis 🗓
    The Poetics of Psychosis: Join us with poet Khashayar Mohammadi, drawing on his experiences with psychosis, and poet-physician Bahar Orang, drawing on her psychiatry training, for an integrated discussion on poetry and medicine as they relate to medical cultures and discourses of psychosis. […]
    Arts-based research (ABR) is the use of artistic practice, such as theatre or photography, as a means to collect, analyze, and communicate research (Leavy, 2015). […]
  • Art is Patient: exploring visual arts + relationships in health care 🗓
    The course introduces learners to a series of fresh steps to see art objects. Through facilitated looking, talking and mark-making, it offers an enlightening way of meeting and understanding the people we work with. […]
  • Health Humanities POETRY event with Hsien Seow and Shazia Hafiz Ramji 🗓
    The Canadian Association for Health Humanities and the League of Canadian Poets are partnering to deliver a series of monthly rounds focused on health, arts and humanities. These live sessions will feature both artists and professionals in the Health Humanities field for a multi-faceted conversation about topics related to healthcare, art, healing, and humanities. […]
  • Sinai Health – Psychiatry Grand Round June 25, 2021 🗓
    Sinai Health - Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds - Buddhist & Western psychological models of the self and their uses in psychotherapy. […]