visual arts

  • DRAWING TOGETHER- Weekly Comics Workshop
    This is a free, monthly, drop-in comics workshop. Past sessions are archived here, and there is information about how to join. […]
  • Health Humanities POETRY event with Hsien Seow and Shazia Hafiz Ramji 🗓
    The Canadian Association for Health Humanities and the League of Canadian Poets are partnering to deliver a series of monthly rounds focused on health, arts and humanities. These live sessions will feature both artists and professionals in the Health Humanities field for a multi-faceted conversation about topics related to healthcare, art, healing, and humanities. […]
  • Connections – University of Alberta
    The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI) at the University of Alberta is launching the “CONNECTIONS” project: a collection of artwork and scientific images that portray the many aspects of neuroscience, brain diseases and mental health, and where art and neuroscience meet. […]
  • Synesthesia 2021 Virtual Art Exhibit is LIVE !
    ARTBEAT is pleased to announce that Synesthesia 2021 is now live. Synesthesia is an annual exhibit of visual and literary art created by health professional students, staff, faculty, and alumni at the University of Toronto. […]
    Our next meeting (March 16th) will be, yet again, a little different. Taking our cue from poetry and comics, we’ll use MK Czerwiec’s panels of Pablo Neruda’s “Keeping Quiet” as a jumping off point. […]
  • Representations of Pain: An Online Exhibition and Event
    We are thrilled to invite you to the launch of our interactive online installation, Representations of Pain, which interrogates representations and expands definitions of pain through a variety of media, from fine arts to the sciences. […]
  • New Seminar – Mixed-Media in Medicine (MMM) 🗓
    At the University of Toronto, Narrative Medicine and Arts-based Curricula are staples of Undergraduate Studies in Medicine and increasingly through Residency and beyond. […]
  • Art is Patient seminar series-Visual Literacy Training 🗓
    This 3-part seminar guides Medical Students, Residents , Physicians and Other Health Professionals. […]
  • CAHH Special General Meeting and Inaugural Virtual Rounds,1 October 2020 🗓
    I hope this finds you and yours well at a singular time, to say the least. As CAHH members from 2018-2019, I wanted to notify you of two events coming up on  Thursday, 1 October 2020: the CAHH Special General Meeting (SGM) and our inaugural Virtual Rounds (to be held by Zoom) […]
    Our students from the ARTBEAT HEALTH HUMANITIES BLOG […]