Poetry Workshop With Poet-In-Residence Ronna Bloom – Nov 29

The Program In Health, Arts and Humanities (WWW.HEALTH-HUMANITIES.COM) and Post-MD Education are pleased to offer :

“Have You Seen The Patient?” – A Poetry Workshop for Physicians

Instructor: Ronna Bloom

Duration: 2.0 hours

Date: 29th November 2017, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Room 941 Mount Sinai Hospital (9th floor)

Cost: free (registration required-  please  email  the instructor –  ronna@ronnabloom.com

Enrolment: 25 participants


Workshop Details:

Have You Seen the Patient?

Using reflective writing and poetry, explore what it is to “see” your patient as a resident or fellow, practicing  physician, MD educator, member of a team, and as a human being.

Learning objectives:

  1. To learn five rules for writing that can be used to reflect on one’s work, relationships and life
  2. To engage directly with poetry through one or more practices: listening, writing, receiving
  3. To experience a kind of writing that allows the practitioner to reflect on their work with more space and to see and respond to their patients with their whole humanity
  4. To increase awareness of the impact of the professional on the personal and the personal on the professional
  5. To make reflective writing an accessible practice for self-care

Ronna Bloom is a writer, psychotherapist, teacher, and author of five books of poetry most recently Cloudy with A Fire in the Basement. Poems have been recorded by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, used in films, with architecture, and translated into Spanish and Bengali.

Ronna is currently Poet in Residence at Mount Sinai Hospital and Poet in Community at the University of Toronto. In these roles, she offers students and health care professionals of all disciplines opportunities to articulate their experiences through the practice of reflective writing and poetry.

She is a frequent guest in the faculties of Nursing, Medicine, Public Health, as well at teaching hospitals and regularly offers Inter-professional Education workshops. A registered psychotherapist, she brings 25 years of psychotherapy practice to her work as a poet and facilitator.

Her new book, The More, features poems from her work as Poet in Residence at the  Sinai Health System  and will be published by Pedlar Press in October 2017.

Ronna Bloom, M.ED
Poet in Residence, Sinai Health System
Poet in Community, University of Toronto
Registered Psychotherapist

www.ronnabloom.com  //  ronna@ronnabloom.com