Medical Humanities Education Matching Funding Grant – Call for Proposals September 2018

Dear Colleagues,

As previously announced, Post MD Education has introduced the Medical Humanities Education Matching Funding Grant in the amount of $5,000 per project proposal, distributed on a semi-annual basis. The first (inaugural) call went out in January 2017 and grants were awarded in June 2017, December 2017 and June 2018.

I am writing to announce the call for the fall 2018 submissions. The submission deadline is October 15, 2018 with grants awarded to the successful applicants at the end of November.

The integration of humanities in medical education curricula has the potential to improve observation skills, self-reflection, and enhance learner competencies in the CanMEDS roles. Projects and proposals may reflect a variety of curricular designs which identify how medical humanities will be integrated into curricula and further enhance CanMEDS competencies.

Each proposal will require a matching funding commitment from the submitting department/division, i.e., if the project budget is $4,500 – a letter from the department chair committing to $2,250 is required. Funding will be provided for a one year period, and applicants must agree to submit a project report at end of the period.

Post MD Education will transfer the awarded funds to the successful applicant’s Academic Department in the Faculty of Medicine. Business Managers will provide Financial Information Services (FIS) account numbers to facilitate this transfer within 4 weeks of application approval or the funding offer will be withdrawn. The Academic Department will be responsible for the disbursement of funds to the successful applicant.

Below is further background on the purpose of the grant as well as a template for the application. Please distribute widely.


We look forward to receiving applications for the Medical Humanities Education Grant by October 15, 2018.  

Please submit your package by email to Arlene McKinley at


Professor, Department of Anesthesia and
Vice Dean, Post MD Education – Postgraduate Medical Education & Continuing Professional Development
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto