Jane Mappin Danse (Montreal) – mental health themes

From dancer Jane Mappin

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“I am presenting an evening of dance on the delicate subject of mental health. It is the final performance for my collaborator Daniel Firth and I…our “retirement show”.

The evening is the culmination of more than five years of working together.

The final piece involves seven dancers with mental health and physical challenges, a love of dance, and a lot go courage to share themselves with the audience. The work is about resilience.

Please share this with any friends and colleagues that may be interested.

I am doing all the promotion myself, and need to fill the theatre!

That said, and intimate space is ideal for this kind of work.

The theatre only seats 80, so if you decide to come, I suggest you reserve seats. The link for tickets is: https://conservatoire-montreal.tuxedobillet.com/conservatoiremontreal/iamweare-one

I hope you can join us!!

All the best, Jane”