Deepening Narrative Competence – Part Two CFD

The Centre for Faculty Development (CFD), The Program In Health Arts and Humanities and the University of Toronto Postgraduate Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development are excited to announce the launch of a new, advanced program:

Deepening Narrative Competence – Part Two with Damian Tarnopolsky!

We’ve attached a detailed description to this email. Registration closes on December 7, 2018. For more information and to register, please visit:

This program aims to meet the needs of healthcare practitioners already working with narrative medicine approaches in their clinical or pedagogic practice, and/or writing for themselves and looking for further mentorship and support.

“Deepening Narrative Competence – Part Two” seeks to enhance students’ theoretical knowledge of and practical engagement with the tools of narrative medicine. The course will begin by introducing the basic elements of literary and reflective practice and the essentials of close reading. These will be applied with greater depth as the workshop goes on, introducing more specialized writing and reading techniques, as well as editing, rewriting, and modes of publication.

We will read a selection of published works relating to health and the body, and share work written by participants in-between classes, all with the aim of honing and focusing our skills of observation, creation, and reception. Throughout, participants will be guided in discussion on the aims and practice of narrative medicine, and encouraged to find ways to apply its lessons in their own daily work, while understanding and respecting the ethical questions the work raises.

Guest speakers will visit the workshop to offer theoretical/practical/creative perspectives. This program will require in-between-session homework/readings.

Registration is now open until Dec 7th. There is an associated registration fee of $700. A maximum of 15 participants will be accepted into the program on a first come, first served basis.

We hope that your team will be able to send some representatives to this exciting learning opportunity!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, and otherwise please spread the word widely.

With many thanks,


Farah Friesen, MI

Education Knowledge Broker & Program Coordinator

Centre for Faculty Development

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