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Ars Medica
Vol 14, No 1 (2019): Writing the Soul
Table of Contents

Editorial: Writing the Soul
Allison Crawford

Feature Pieces
Over the Rhone and Into the Night: Just Be Graceful
Florence Gelo

The Last Patient
Diana J. Pi

To My Patients
Mays Tahseen Ali

The Show
C. Alessandra Colaianni

I’d Love To, But Unfortunately I Have My Genitourinary Exam Tutorial Tonight
Michael Lubin

Phalaenopsis / April / The Way Art Lives / Doing Good
Ingrid Andersson

Nearly Six Years
Erica Danya Goldblatt Hyatt

7:45pm / Cry / Legion
Stanley Princewill McDaniels

I Kneel Down
Sage Schick

Bodies of Work
Rebecca Coles Lee

Rebecca Ann Spears

Trevor Morey

None of My Fellow CPR Instructors Have Ever Done CPR
Ron Riekki

Dan Ray Campion

Transplant / Doctoring / Cancer Season
Sarah Kristin Andersen

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