Redeveloped Interprofessional HAH Certificate

Introducing a Redeveloped Interprofessional Health Arts and Humanities Certificate

Hello Everyone,

We have been working on the redevelopment of the Interprofessional Health Arts and Humanities Certificate. We are very excited to include Karen Gold (Social Work, Women’s College Hospital) and Bill Gayner (Social Work, Mt Sinai Hospital) as coordinators for Narrative-Based Healthcare and Reflection, Mindfulness and Resilience in Clinical Life: How Self-Care Fosters Empathic Care) units. We just met to discuss the content and are truly excited about the potential value of this material for our students. This will be a 1.5 year program, with the content being covered in the first year. Students will be required to complete an arts-based project and present it the following November. Since the project work is completed independently, this opportunity is open to students in later years as well as first year.

For the first iteration we will only be accepting 24 students from across the professions as well as PGME residents. The Centre for IPE will be sending emails to students to inform them of this opportunity; we were hoping that as faculty leads you might consider some promotion as well.

IPE HAH Certificate Outline(Aug)

Please contact us should you have any questions or require details beyond what is in the attached outline.

Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer !

Sylvia and Allan

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