Mary Seeman Award for Achievement in the Area of Psychiatry and the Humanities 

Health and Humanities

Deadline for submission: Wednesday April 15th

This award is intended to encourage creative and scholarly activity in the area of Psychiatry and the Humanities. The award is open to medical students, residents, fellows, and graduates of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto within three years after completion of their training, as well as staff who have graduated from other clinical programs and are within two years of completing their training. Criteria for the award include documented evidence of completed work or work in progress of artistic and/or scholarly merit which makes a contribution towards enhancing the appreciation of the human condition. Submissions will be judged on the basis or originality, creativity and relevance to psychiatry.

Please note only one submission per applicant will be accepted. The following guidelines are suggested to assist applicants:

  1. Contributions to scholarship in the area of Humanities and Psychiatry; for example, a critical review of the literature, an essay on a topic bridging the Humanities and Psychiatry or material relating to the History of Psychiatry.
  2. Evidence of creative activity in the area of Humanities and Psychiatry; for example, art or literature.
  3. A demonstration of the capacity to integrate interest in the area of Humanities and Psychiatry; for example, through the development of a program or a paper.

If applicants are uncertain about the suitability of a submission, they are encouraged to contact any of the committee members. Submissions will be judged by the committee, with outside consultation where appropriate.

The award consists of a certificate and a cheque for $500.00. Committee members include:

Dr. Ron Ruskin (Chair) Mount Sinai Hospital 416‐928‐0675
Dr. Rex Kay Mount Sinai Hospital 416‐966‐5285
Dr. Mary Seeman Centre for Addiction & Mental Health 416‐535‐8501 X4671
Dr. Paul Westlind Mount Sinai Hospital 416‐586‐4800 x8540


Applications should be addressed to:

Dr. Ron Ruskin
Department of Psychiatry
Mount Sinai Hospital
600 University Avenue, Toronto, M5G 1X5