Don’t’ Make A Scene: Mixed Media & Medicine goes to the Movies

sent on behalf of Jane Zhao & Conor Mc Donnell

Faculty, students, residents, come one come all. We invite you to join us for an exciting first foray into Film this year. People often discuss their favorite films but less frequently we hear conversation around the Scenes that Mean the Most. What are the standout scenes that shaped your life, contribute to how you engage with your work, your life, your family? Please bring a favorite scene or two for sharing on October 28th at 6:30pm. We are not big on rules but in the interest of safety we do ask the following:

  1. No long scenes: keep them under 2 minutes. We would prefer you bring two or three brief scenes rather than one long one.
  2. Sharing YouTube clips works best but please check the clip beforehand.
  3. Be prepared to discuss why this scene is important: when did you first see it? Who were you with? Why does it speak to you?
  4. No violence or vulgarity: this is not an invitation to make colleagues uncomfortable. While we are not in the business of censorship we will immediately remove inappropriate material.
  5. As always, be respectful; all choices and reasons for such are valid and welcome.

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See you at the movies!

Conor & Jane

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