Health & Humanities film : The Choreography of Care

Health and Humanities


Experience this short dance film tribute honouring the dedication and sacrifice of healthcare workers throughout the challenging times of the pandemic and beyond:

To acknowledge the dedication and sacrifice of healthcare staff throughout the pandemic and beyond, Dr. Sarah Kim spearheaded this film project in collaboration with staff from all three sites at Unity Health Toronto, including St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Health Centre and Providence Healthcare. The film was made possible by the generous and enthusiastic participation of staff across all three sites and the support of the Joy Fund at Unity Health Toronto. The diversity and strength of our community is clearly reflected in this work and we could not be more proud to stand together as a unified team in our commitment to keeping healthcare alive.

About the film

The Choreography of Care is a collaborative tribute honouring the perseverance, dedication and sacrifice of all frontline workers, with a special focus on healthcare. The film features real-life healthcare professionals performing familiar, everyday routines with novel purpose, to the everyday sounds of their work environment. The Choreography of Care highlights the communities of support within healthcare, the diversity and resilience of the people, putting a human face to a place where many are feeling forgotten. It is an homage to what it means to be a frontline worker in 2021 and beyond.

How the film was made

The Choreography of Care invited all staff at Unity Health Toronto to think about their profession in new ways and collaborate as a team towards a creative goal. The soundtrack for this film was generated using “found” sound in the work environment, sounds heard every day. The intention of this film was to acknowledge the human value of frontline workers, not only in their roles, but also as people. The hope was that the collaborative process of creating this film would increase a sense of connectedness across all three sites, while bringing joy and pride to not only those involved, but to the entire community at Unity Health Toronto and beyond.

Core Team:

Concept by: Christy Stoeten | Sarah Kim, MD
Director/Editor…Sonia Gemmiti
Producer… Sarah Kim, MD | Christy Stoeten
Director of Photography…Katie Cooper
Composer… Danielle Goudge, RN
Choreography… Christy Stoeten | Sarah Kim, MD
1st Assistant Camera…Yuri Markarov
Colourist…Matthew Barnett
Sound Engineer…Mark Rozeluk



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