Health Narratives Research Process (HeNReP)


Format: Responding to multi-session writing prompts in a one-on-one online format with a facilitator

Title of Sessions: Health Narratives Research Process

Dates/Times: Decided individually based on the schedule of the participant

Location: Online in a private Facebook group set up individually between the facilitator and the participant

3-5 line description with 2-3 learning goals:

Description: The Heath Narratives Research Process (HeNReP) is a free, non-credit, open-discipline, non-hierarchical process that has been offered in association with the Health, Arts and Humanities Program of the Department of Psychiatry in the University of Toronto since 2015 as the Health Narratives Research Group (HeNReG) from the first week in October to the last week in April. What differentiates the HeNReP from the previous HeNReG is that it is not tied to the yearly calendar or to a group as the process is available to individual participants at any time throughout the academic year.

Learning Goals: The aim of the process is to help health researchers reduce the burnout that often develops in relation to engaging in their research. This is accomplished by the participant and the facilitator participating in multi-session online structured writing exercises that attempt to order their thinking processes regarding their research related to health.

Information on how to rsvp to you and how to join your session: The facilitator/founder/originator is Carol Nash PhD, Scholar in Residence, History of Medicine Program, Department of Psychiatry, Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. To learn more about the HeNReP and to set up a HeNReP with the facilitator, please contact Dr. Carol Nash at