Title: Arts as Research: Using the Arts for Research Communication in Healthcare

Date: October 12, 2022 @7:30PM


Arts as Research is a series of 2 sessions (1 Fall, 1 Winter) exploring arts-based research methodologies and their value in healthcare.

Arts-based research (ABR) is the use of artistic practice, such as theatre or photography, as a means to collect, analyze, and communicate research (Leavy, 2015). Sessions will offer an introduction to ABR and illustrate how it has been used for research communication, development of policy, social engagement, pedagogy, and reflective practice. Join us to imagine how you can share your research through art.

Learning goals:

  • Experiment creatively with artistic practices.
  • Learn and engage with the process of creating arts-based research.
  • Identify how the arts can be used for advocacy, research communication, reflection, and dialogue.
  • Define arts-based research and identify its role within the health humanities and healthcare.


Hartley Jafine
Instructor & Facilitator, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) and Arts & Science Program
Lecturer (Part-Time), Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University

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Hartley Jafine (he/him)
Facilitator, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) and Arts & Science Program
Lecturer (Part-Time), Department of Family Medicine
McMaster University

Communication Coach
Post MD Education – Postgraduate Medical Education
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Interprofessional Arts-Based Learning Specialist
Baycrest Centre for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care
Theatre Games in 90 Seconds: Penguin
Engaging the Stage: Applied Theatre as Simulation

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