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  • Some Spaces available for the last Online Poetry Crash Cart tomorrow 🗓
    This is the last of an online, weekly hour and a half of poetry workshop for health care students and clinical workers. For people working in acute and ongoing moments of need. For all of us now. What might poetry do here? […]
    The coronavirus pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge on all levels of Canadian society. Essential workers on the so-called “front lines” are routinely cited as heroes in newsprint and online, on television broadcasts, and coffee shop signs because they risk developing a severe infection in the course of their daily work. […]
  • COVID-19 Bio-Ethics Resources
    PLEASE SEE BIO-ETHICS RESOURCES PREPARED BY UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO MEDICAL STUDENTS JANE ZHU, ALEX FLORESCU AND TEAM. Many thanks to them for this terrific initiative and to all of you who shared resources, curricula  and content. This collaborative […]

Upcoming Events

The World is Bright – Hot Docs Ontario screening time
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The film tackles issues of mental health, isolation and immigration, and is even more relevant now when mental health problems have become a world crisis due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
Narrative Atelier – June 2020 – EVENT POSTPONED
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The NARRATIVE ATELIER (June 5-8, 2020) will incorporate these Rounds and a workshop by Eli Clare.
Oasis Online Reflective Writing Group – June 9th
This initiative is open to all learners in the health sciences and related disciplines (i.e. medical students, nursing students, residents etc.). This writing group provides a supportive space for learners to gather, reflect, and engage with peers during these unprecedented times.
International Graphic Medicine Conference in Toronto
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The 2020 Graphic Medicine conference aims to encourage critical dialogues and interventions in/during troubled times with a specific emphasis on social justice and human rights. This year’s theme seeks connections between health, equity, and justice in an era of rapid ecological and societal upheaval.

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